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Avio Aerospace - Second Phase/Results

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The second phase of the project shifted to using LicenseOptimizer to improve software license availability. LicenseOptimizer detected active and inactive application usage, and the inactive applications were suspended and licenses released, resulting in a faster circulation of available licenses among users. Avio’s target was to define the optimal number of software licenses needed to:

1. Achieve a maximum level of efficiency.

2. Accommodate a forecasted 15% increase in license demand due to increased business activity.

3. Maintain a high quality level of service to users.



During the first phase of the testing, Avio achieved a documented 40% reduction of the company’s yearly IT costs. During phase 2, in spite of a 15% increase in user demand they achieved an additional 14% reduction in annual software costs. The company achieved a total cost reduction of -47% for the year, and were able to pay for the Open iT software with just half of the money they saved.

With the -47% cost reduction achieved from the tests, Avio concluded in its study that Open iT proved to be a valuable tool with a high ROI. Open iT’s benefit includes enabling further discoveries by using a wide range of metrics, discoveries which allow the company to address many sides of IT infrastructure optimization.



Having achieved great cost optimization, Avio then extended license usage metering to cover more engineering applications and other locations worldwide. ·With simple IT inventory reports based on available historical data, they discovered further areas in which to optimize productivity with better application usage, and by implementing active hardware obsolescence policies.

With the -47% cost reduction achieved from the trial, Avio concluded that Open iT proved to be a valuable ITAM tool with a high ROI. Open iT, with its wide range of metrics, enabled further discoveries the company could use to optimize its IT infrastructure further.

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