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Trends and Practices in Software Usage Monitoring in the Oil and Gas Industry

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By Signe Marie Stenseth, Vice President, Open iT, Inc.

Presented at the 12th International Conference on Petroleum Data Integration, Data and Information Management


What is Software Usage Monitoring?

Software monitoring is used to measure how different software packages are used over time - by feature, feature-group, application or product - by business unit, location, project - and by all types of measurements, including:

  • Concurrent License Usage (max, min, average)

  • Named License Usage (number of different users)

  • License Denial reporting

  • Total vs. Active Usage

  • Top 10 users of a product

  • Usage above a 10-minute filter

The important thing is to keep a history to report on trends in usage over time. Software Usage tools also might include a real-time reporting feature.