Company Profile


Founded in 1999, with offices in the Americas, Europe and Asia, Open iT, Inc. creates software for IT resource monitoring, reporting and optimization.

Business Idea

Our software and strategic consulting enables customers to gain control over their IT resource use, cut costs and waste, and improve the reliability and performance of their IT assets.


Our mission is to help companies around the globe reduce the cost and complexity of managing corporate IT assets.

Business Offering

Open iT is a leading provider of advanced hardware & software usage reporting and optimization solutions. Some of the most successful organizations in the world use Open iT tools and services to reduce IT costs, increase performance and support business process improvements. Open iT software enables fully customizable usage reporting, granular chargeback for hardware and software usage, and automated, industry-leading license harvesting capabilities across Windows, Unix and Linux platforms. Open iT metering and optimization tools equip Software and IT Asset Managers with advanced usage metering across license managers, such as FlexNet, IBM LUM, Sentinel/Abaqus, and many others, in addition to other applications and web applications not using license managers.