Open iT Company Profile

Company Profile


Open iT was founded in 1999 in Oslo, Norway by Eistein Fosli, who had been providing strategic consulting to large oil and gas customers for over a decade. He realized that companies needed a tool to help them meter, analyze, and optimize their software portfolio, as well as other IT assets. Initially, Open iT targeted the oil and gas sector, but it quickly spread out to other industries, such as manufacturing, aerospace, and automotive.

Growth was happening all around the globe, and in 2005, Open iT, Inc. opened its new office in Houston, Texas, which became the company’s main headquarter up to the present.

Continuing expansion into new markets and regions led to the opening of a new office in Lucban, Philippines in 2007. As the business grew, Open iT expanded and moved to Lucena City, Philippines in 2009.

With offices in three continents and a partner network, Open iT provides products and services to Global Fortune 500 customers worldwide and to many corporations or institutions worldwide.

Open iT is a privately held corporation that is very proud to be debt free and have continuous growth since 2002.

Open iT now provides a host of capabilities to assist clients in optimizing their IT resources, especially software licenses of specialized engineering applications that run on license managers, such as FlexLM, Sentinel, Reprise and 24 others, which are predominantly used in the oil and gas, automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, electronic design automation, and engineering industries. But it doesn’t stop there. Open iT also has the capability to meter and report on any application, such as Oracle, SAP, IBM, Microsoft, Adobe and others, as well as some hardware resources, to help provide clients a global overview of their environment.

In 2015, Open iT expanded its offerings to Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) with Open iT Elastic Licensing. Elastic Licensing enables ISVs to offer various types of licensing agreements based on consumption by the end user, thus helping them move to a more robust and optimized form of software licensing for their customers.

Today, Eistein Fosli is the CEO and leads over 100 employees worldwide, who are helping customers optimize their IT resources and uphold compliance across their enterprises.

Business Idea

Our software and strategic consulting enables customers to gain control over their IT resource use, cut costs and waste, and improve the reliability and performance of their IT assets.


Our mission is to help companies around the globe reduce the cost and complexity of managing corporate IT assets.

Business Offering

Open iT is a leading provider of advanced usage reporting and optimization solutions for engineering software. Some of the most successful organizations in the world use Open iT tools and services to reduce IT costs, increase performance and support business process improvements. Open iT metering and optimization tools equip Software and IT Asset Managers with advanced usage analytics to simplify the complexities of managing specialized engineering applications across a variety of license managers, such as FlexNet, IBM LUM, Sentinel/Abaqus, and many others, as well as other applications and web applications that are not using license managers. Open iT solutions also provide fully customizable usage reporting, granular chargeback for hardware and software usage, and automated, industry-leading license harvesting capabilities across Windows, Unix and Linux platforms.