Configure Package Rename

Issue #

  • How to enable/configure package rename

Environment #

  • WCS
  • UCS

Resolution #

  1. WCS – install patch 1378
  2. UCS – install patch 2031

Overview #

  • This patch contains the script for activating product-rename, feature-rename and package-rename for Reporting server. Executing the scripts will update the filter configurations enabling the rename functions. Scripts can be found in OpeniT/CoreServer/contrib/bin/.
    add_product_rename.bat – renames a product using
    add_package_rename.bat – renames a package using
    add_feature_rename.bat – renames a feature using
  • All of the map files can be found under configurations directory OpeniT/CoreServer/Configuration.
  • This patch also adds package and feature rename mapping for Autodesk modules.
  • From