Configure Petex – HASP in Linux

Issue #

  • How to configure nethasp of petex log file in Linux?

Environment #

  • Open iT Client V6.4.0.9
  • Linux

Resolution #

  1. Edit logfilecollector-hasp.conf in /var/opt/openit/etc.
  2. Change the directory of the source to the location of the petex log files.

  3. Edit client-parser-hasp-.oconf in /var/opt/openit/etc/scheduler.
  4. Change the active and jumpstart to “true”.

  5. Restart the OpeniT Service
    • /opt/openit/bin/openit-all stop
    • /opt/openit/bin/openit-all start
  6. If the collection does not start automatically run the binary manually.
    • /opt/openit/bin/logfilecollector
  7. There should be a status file or data in the /var/opt/openit/temp/logfilecollector or if the data was already processed it should be in the /var/opt/openit/temp/send.
  8. The next step is to check if the /var/opt/openit/temp/send directory in the directive of openit.cfg. Because if it is not configured the collected data will not be sent to the server.
  9. Check if this line is in openit.cfg, if not add it -> SEND_DIR /var/opt/openit/temp/send
  10. Restart the OpeniT Service
    • /opt/openit/bin/openit-all stop
    • /opt/openit/bin/openit-all start
  11. Run the cron job for sending the data.

Overview #

Cause #

  • Petex data is not reporting in the Open iT Core Server because it is not configured in the client.