Smart Decisions through Software Optimization

An Overview of LicenseAnalyzer2020™


Smart Decisions through Software Optimization-Most organizations have limited or no visibility on which features or applications need more licenses and which ones can be reduced. Many industries were hit hard during the pandemic and seek ways to optimize their existing infrastructures and reduce unnecessary expenses to mitigate business losses.

Through this Smart Decisions through Software Optimization webinar, we will be sharing information about:

  • How to calculate license efficiency and why it is key to successful license optimization.
  • How proactive alerting is an effective solution to improve user behavior.
  • How simulation of different vendor agreements can put you in the driver’s seat in your next negotiation.

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About the Speaker:

Lemuel Enrico is a Solutions Engineer at Open iT, Inc. and is responsible for conducting demonstrations on technical aspects of the solution. His expertise includes analysis, system configuration, and software trainings that are tailor-fitted for the customer’s business needs.

With his experience in SAM consulting and data analysis, Lemuel already helped more than 30 companies around the world optimize and save costs from their IT assets.