Change the Priority Level of OpeniT.Server.Etl.Console in Task Scheduler

Issue #

  • There is always an error in ProcessOlap.

Environment #

  • Analysis Server (All versions and build)
  • Priority level must be level 5.
  • Required in AS 6.5 build 57.

Resolution #

  1. Go to Task Scheduler.
  2. Right click the “OpeniT.Server.Etl.Console” task.
  3. Select Export.
  4. Save the exported xml file in your Desktop.
  5. Open the file in a file editor. The file should look like this:
  6. Look for the tag as highlighted above. By default, it has the value of 7.
  7. Change the value to 5 and save the file.
  8. Go back to the Task Scheduler and delete the “OpeniT.Server.Etl.Console” task.
  9. In the Actions pane of the Task Scheduler, click “Import Task…”
  10. Import the xml file that you have modified.
  11. The Create Task dialog box will appear, just click OK to retain all the default values.
  12. Run the task manually to see if the fix works.