Change unit of measurement (UOM) for a specific data type

Issue #

  • How to change units of measurements for (e.g. Elapsed Time) for a specific data type?

Environment #

  • OS: Unix
  • Open iT Core Server

Resolution #

  • The default UOM for Elapsed time is in Hours. But you can change it to Minutes or Seconds.
  • This could be done in a file called acc_types located at /var/opt/openit/etc.
  • For example, if you want to change the UOM for data type Total license use v2.0 to minutes, here is how to do it:
  1. In the file acc_types look for Total^license^use^v2.0, change the measurement for Elapsed^time


  2. NOTE:
    This line consists of four elements, separated with commas. The third element is the unit, and the legal entries are Day, Hour, and Min. If the field is left empty, seconds is used as the unit. All other time-based measurements can be changed the same way.

  3. After making the changes, generate a new classvar_mapping file by running the command below
    su openit