Install Open iT Application Launcher Client (Windows)

Software Installation #

Installing through the Windows Installer Interface #

  1. Double click the OpenitLauncher_x64.msi file to start the installation.
    A setup wizard will be displayed. Click Next.
  2. Read the License Agreement carefully before accepting the terms. Click Next to continue.
  3. Use the default drive or specify the desired directory. Click Change and specify new directories. Otherwise, click Next.
  4. Click Install to start the installation process. If a review of the entries is needed, click Back.
  5. The installer will set up all necessary files on the computer. Click Finish after complete installation.

Installing through the Command Line #

  1. Open a command prompt with Administrator privilege.
  2. Execute the following command:
    >msiexec /i [msi_file] /l*v [log_file] [options]
    /i [msi_file]
    The path of the Windows installer file, OpeniTLauncher-[Architecture].msi.

    /l*v [log_file]
    The path of the installation log file that will be created during installation.

    Run the command in silent mode.

    Run the command in unattended mode – progress bar only.

    Note: The installer will use the Windows Installer Interface process when the installation option is not specified

  3. When using the passive mode,wait until the process bar dialog disappears.When using the quiet mode, verify if the installation is complete by opening the Task Manager and checking in the Details tab if the msiexec process is still running.

Software Installation Verification #

Verify Created Directories and Files #

Go to the $ROOT_DIR of the installation located, by default, in C:¥Program Files¥OpeniT¥Launcher and verify that the following directories and files exist:

  • Log – contains troubleshooting logs created by the Open iT Launcher binary
    This directory and its contents are sent to the OpeniT Support whenever an issue occurs and logging should be enabled upon doing so.
  • OpeniT.Launcher.exe – the Open iT Proeject Launcher client application executable
  • OpeniT.Launcher.exe.config – the configuration file to manipulate the behavior of the executable