Troubleshoot Periodic Reporting

Issue #

  • Is there a way to get debugs and troubleshoot Periodic Reporting?

Environment #

  • OS: Unix
  • Open iT Core Server

Resolution #

  1. Edit the file called openit.cfg
    vi /etc/opt/openit/openit.cfg
  2. Insert this directive at the bottom of the file.
    By inserting the directive above, the monthly report generation will be delayed by 5 days. Meaning, it should run today OR will give you the option to manually run the periodic job again.
  3. Enable the debugging of the server.
    /opt/openit/bin/openit-server stop (run as root)
    su openit -c “/opt/openit/bin/openit_serverd –debug” (run as openit)
  4. Run the _generate_periodic_reports cron job.
    stat cron
    cron 10 (for example)
  5. A debug file should now be present in
    cd /var/opt/openit/debug
    less openit_serverd-xxx-x-x–xx-xx-xx-12345
  6. Of course, you can revert the changes once you are done. You can simply do:
    /opt/openit/bin/openit-serverd stop
    /opt/openit/bin/openit-serverd start

    to restart the server without debugging.