Upgrade Open iT Admin Portal – Windows

Software Upgrade #

Upgrading through the Windows Installer Interface #

  1. Double-click the new installer.
    In the setup wizard, click Next.
  2. Specify the Admin Portal installation directory. Click Change to specify a different directory and click OK. Clicking Next without doing any changes will use the default installation path.
    Click Next.
  3. Use the configured port number, Open iT Core Server URI, and Identity Server URI or specify the desired values. Click Next.
  4. Click Install to start the installation upgrade process. If a review of the entries is needed, click Back.
  5. The installer will set up all necessary files on the computer.
    Click Finish to complete the upgrade.

Upgrading through the Command Line #

  1. Open a command prompt with Administrator level privilege.
  2. Execute the following command:
    msiexec /i [msi_file] /l*v [log_file] [options] INSTALLDIR=$INSTALL_DIR IISPORT=[portnumber] SERVERURI=[server_uri] IDENTITYURI=[identity_uri]
    /i [msi_file]
    The path of the Windows installer file, openit_[version]_adminportal_windows_x64.msi.

    /l*v [log_file]
    The path of the installation log file that will be created during installation.

    Run the command in silent mode.

    Run the command in unattended mode – progress bar only.

    Note: The installer will use the Windows Installer Interface process when the installation option is not specified.

    The path where the Open iT files will be installed. This value is set to C:\Program Files\OpeniT\Admin Portal by default.

    The TCP/IP port number used by the website. This is set to 3000 by default.

    The Open iT Core Server URI used by the Admin Portal web interface to fetch data.

    The Identity Server URI used by Admin Portal for authentication.

  3. When using the passive mode, wait until the process bar dialog disappears. When using the quiet mode, verify if the installation is complete by opening the Task Manager and checking in the Details tab if the msiexec process is still running.