ITAM Awareness Month Free Webinar

IAITAM Members and Our Readers can attend our Free Webinar and Get a Starbuck's Gift Certificate for $10! (REGISTRATION NOW CLOSED).

Jim Muckle, Open iT presenter in the webinar, writes the following about the webinar:

10 plus 5 plus 8 equals …… 23, right?  Well….sometimes.  Except for the times that it equals 30.  Or 18.  Or even 15.  Imagine trying to budget in a world where the same numbers can add up differently every time!

At Open iT, we see it every day – in the world of usage metering for concurrently-licensed, high-end software applications.  Join Jim Muckle of Open iT as he shows you how the same numbers can add up to different sum totals, and why businesses come to rely on Open iT software to expose the “real numbers” on which to base their budgets.

Click here to register now for the webinar, and the giveaway! (Registration now closed.)