Nissan Motor Corp. Ltd.

Business Overview

Nissan Motor Corporation Limited is a leading Japanese automaker. They produce low cost, fuel-efficient vehicles, using high quality engineering tools. For production simulation and design, Nissan’s engineers use expensive Computer Aided Drafting and Engineering (CAD, CAE) software applications.

To improve business processes, Nissan investigated Open iT as a solution with which to cut software license costs without compromising projects/jobs. Just by metering software usage, they were able to eliminate unused licenses, and get more control over new software investments.

Read on to see how Nissan, in just 5 months, used Open iT metering tools to reduce more than 10% of their software license costs, and to achieve a 100% utilization rate of their CAE software.

Business Challenge

This Fortune Global 100 company had been in the manufacturing business for a long time, and had accumulated numerous IT assets. As the company grew, greater numbers of employees required more software. The diverse software licenses acquired led to higher operating costs, largely due to additional software rental charges and increased maintenance expenditures.

The existing IT system used an automated software license counting process, where a log file was automatically scripted. The CAD and AE applications streamlined the job by uniting the script that automated the total processing of the log. However, it took two to three days to analyze each module in detail. Too much time and work was required to manage and monitor software license usage rates.


Cost Allocation and IT Chargeback

The most efficient way to create more accountability and awareness of how IT resources are used is to implement a chargeback system.

Software Usage Monitoring and Optimization

Learn how usage monitoring in an E&P IT environment can be beneficial for many stakeholders.

Rising Use of Subscription and Pay-per-Use Software Licensing Models

Have a meaningful software usage metrics and tools to evaluate and plan appropriately prior to making new licensing decisions.

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