Open iT @20

Open iT @20

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Realizing that Oil & Gas companies needed a tool to help them meter, analyze, and optimize their software portfolio and other IT assets, Eistein Fosli founded Open iT 20 years ago in Oslo, Norway. Since then, the company has expanded to other industries, such as manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, etc., and established offices in Houston, Texas and Lucena, Philippines.

For the past 20 years, Open iT has developed unique solutions and technologies, eventually becoming the clear leader of usage reporting tools for optimizing IT assets in engineering, production, and manufacturing. Open iT now provides a host of capabilities to assist clients in optimizing their IT resources, especially software licenses of specialized engineering applications that run on license managers, such as FlexLM, Sentinel, Reprise and many others, which are predominantly used in the oil and gas, automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, electronic design automation, and engineering industries. But it doesn’t stop there. Open iT also has the capability to meter and report on any application, such as Oracle, SAP, IBM, Microsoft, Adobe and others, as well as some hardware resources, to help provide clients a global overview of their environment.

Open iT continues to look forward to the future of Technology Asset Management, with focus on Engineering Software Management, with innovations and new technologies.