Open iT ApplicationTracker™ is a software asset management solution that monitors activity levels of all applications on Windows, Unix and Linux platforms.

ApplicationTracker™ has advanced reporting capabilities and enables tracking of software usage, independent of licensing method, allowing companies to manage even wider selections of expensive software, such as CATIA, MATLAB, Solidworks, ANSYS, MATLAB, AutoCAD, ArcGIS, Autodesk, ESRI, Dassault Systemes Software Suite and many others. ApplicationTracker generates reports showing detailed usage of CPU and elapsed time, keyboard, mouse and I/O usage, portraying each application, where and when it is running, and who is running it.

  • Compare license check-out versus the real application usage. ApplicationTracker monitors application activity from CPU, keyboard, mouse and I/O statistics, and compares it against specific thresholds to determine if an application is active or inactive.
  • Create detailed graphical or tabular reports from gathered application usage statistics and use information as basis for internal analysis and business process improvements at the corporate level.

ApplicationTracker is a powerful application monitoring tool with flexible reporting capabilities that work on multiple platforms. It gathers detailed and accurate usage statistics of all applications, independent of licensing method.

Monitor Applications Without a License Manager

ApplicationTracker is a software metering tool that monitors and reports license usage on applications with different licensing methods, e.g. FlexNet license managers, node-locked applications, or even applications running without a license manager. It can also detect applications that utilize a dongle licensing scheme. ApplicationTracker collects usage data from the underlying OS and not from the license manager, thus gathering detailed and accurate usage statistics about each application being tracked without using wrappers.

Compare License Check Out VS Real Application Usage

ApplicationTracker monitors CPU, keyboard, mouse and I/O activity to determine whether an application is active or inactive. Compare the number of licenses checked out against real active usage to see whether licenses are being used effectively. Reduce software costs by cutting surplus licenses and improve IT planning for new license purchases.

Contract Entitlement with True Productivity - Report shows the actual used application licenses out of the total number of checked out licenses.

Active vs Inactive Time by User - This is a representation of data showing the amount of active and inactive use of an application by the users.

Active vs Inactive Use of Selected Applications - This report shows the actual breakdown of active and inactive time in which certain applications are used.