Open iT LicenseOptimizer™ is a flexible and powerful license harvesting tool for software optimization.

Get a powerful and automated software license management system with Open IT LicenseOptimizer. LicenseOptimizer allows for better control in managing license resources by discovering and suspending applications that are not actively used, and releasing the unused licenses to redeploy to active users. LicenseOptimizer also monitors the activity levels of all installed applications, allowing you to create reports for software license analysis. Maximize the value of software licenses and reduce the uncertainty of manual license management with Open iT LicenseOptimizer.

  • Ensure efficient use of expensive software licenses through automated harvesting of inactive licenses.
  • Create detailed graphical or tabular reports showing application activity information to help control and understand software assets and application usage patterns.
Recycle Inactive Licenses

Ensure efficient use of expensive software licenses with LicenseOptimizer, which discovers applications that have been idle for a set period of time and suspends based on set configurations. Licenses are harvested back to the license pool server so that other active users can use them.

With LicenseOptimizer reports, you can gain visibility on your actual software usage. Know if licenses are being used by active applications or by applications that are left idle or open, and use information to manage licenses more efficiently and establish best practices in the organization. LicenseOptimizer reports help you avoid unnecessary purchasing of additional licenses and provides basis for effective software planning thus reducing the software cost.

Customize for precise software control

This software optimization tool can be configured to monitor several types of activity measures, such as CPU, I/O, and mouse and keyboard activity. Flexible configuration allows for targeting of various types of applications differently. Configure threshold and trigger points to add business rules and priorities for precise software license control.

Monitor software use and improve productivity

The monitoring feature of LicenseOptimizer allows users to have visibility on application activities and application usage patterns. This tool monitors the number of times and for how long an application had undergone optimization. LicenseOptimizer monitors application events such as keyboard, mouse, CPU and I/O activities and gives an overview of the number of events within a period of time. Build customizable reports for software analysis from corporate view down to the individual host and user level.