Open iT UsageAnalyzer™ is a tool for monitoring activity levels and usage patterns of all users and applications.

UsageAnalyzer is a tool that tracks keyboard and mouse activities and provides information such as how intensely keyboard and mouse are used and whether an application is really being used or just kept open. Analyze user habits and patterns with the complete monitoring and flexible reporting capabilities of UsageAnalyzer.

  • Discover inefficient computer use patterns to reduce repetitive strain injuries.
  • Map proficiency of users to identify best practices and see how to customize user training to improve worker efficiency.
  • Evaluate software usability before purchasing new software by analyzing user patterns.
Increase computer user productivity

UsageAnalyzer collects data about how individuals or groups use applications and allows management to analyze user habits and develop customized trainings.

Evaluate software and systems usability

UsageAnalyzer provides basis for evaluating software usability. Compare usability between similar applications and determine the most efficient application before purchasing new software.

Protects users from computer-related injury

UsageAnalyzer helps managers analyze application usage which may have adverse effects on the user, such as developing repeated strain Injury, also known as Occupational Overuse Syndrome. Use it to monitor applications that are mouse or keyboard intensive, and watch as users incorporate best practices by using keyboard shortcuts and taking other preventive actions against RSI.

Aggregate Keyboard and Mouse - This graph shows the aggregate keyboard and mouse events of users from the different departments of an organization.

Total Work Periods - This report shows the total work periods in hours of users split into user group.

Max and Average Work Period - This report identifies work and periods of users per application by showing the max and average work period for particular application of every usergroup in the organization.