CIOs today are more than just information officers, they also function as business-technology leaders focused on delivering transformational business impact, all the while responding to strict budgets and constantly changing business demands.

CIOs are under pressure to reduce IT costs and a large percentage of IT expenditure belongs to enterprise software. They must then focus on the importance of managing software assets and analyzing usage in order to optimize IT costs. However, managing software assets is a challenge for many CIOs. The difficulty of achieving complete visibility of all software assets across the enterprise, along with the complexities brought by different software licensing agreements and models, calls for a complete solution tool that is robust and easy-to-use.

Open iT helps CIOs in optimizing the value of software by providing a solution for accurate metering of application usage. It provides CIOs with a complete overview of all applications across the enterprise. Open iT has the ability to meter and report on the actual usage of applications, which allows CIOs to cut down on surplus licenses, plan budgets more proactively, and protect the company from risks of non-compliance. With Open iT software metering solutions, CIOs also gain more leverage in their vendor negotiations, ensuring that the company gets the most favorable agreement and contract terms.

With numerous other features, such as proactive optimization through license harvesting, real-time license monitor, customizable dashboards and email alerts, Open iT helps CIOs gain more control over software assets, allowing them to be effective leaders in increasing growth and creating competitive advantage for the company.


  • Cuts software license costs and wastage by determining actual usage and identifying surplus licenses.
  • Promotes true accountability for software usage across the enterprise by distinguishing between truly active and inactive application use.
  • Drives immediate savings by license harvesting and recycling inactive licenses.
  • Ensures effective use of software licenses by setting user priority.
  • Facilitates flexible global agreement with license sharing across time-zones.
  • Reduces risks by documenting compliance.
  • Increases service level by monitoring denials.
  • Helps improve user adoption of new technology.

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