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Software is a crucial factor in reducing costs and adapting today’s evolving market demands, which is characterized by global competition, rapid communications, streamlined production and supply chain operations. Change is inevitable, and managing the complexity of change in today’s IT environment can be very costly, especially for companies handling expensive enterprise-type applications.

Engineering managers need to identify business and technical drivers, and find the best tools available to meet the competing demands for reduced costs and improved quality. A company that undergoes technology adoption needs to ensure orderly and effective transformation. To do this, managers need more visibility and control to use IT fully and serve the enterprise, thus driving business innovation towards renewed growth. To gain full control and to fully assess organizational IT needs, engineering managers need an overview of all their distributed resources.

Open iT provides real-time monitoring, from the enterprise level down to individual users, across any site, location, business unit, country or time zone. It can meter and report the license usage of the most expensive applications, such as ArcGIS, ANSYS, Solidworks, AutoCAD, MATLAB, CATIA, Autodesk, Dassault Systemes, ESRI Software Suite and many others, which are used in various industries. With this kind of access to information, an engineering manager can increase productivity and enhance best practices within an organization that is undergoing technology adoption process.

Embracing an opportunity to reorganize and reshape the organization is a strategic way to create a new IT culture in the company. With Open iT usage metering tools, engineering managers can create a fundamental change in how software applications are regarded and used within an organization.


  • Allows for easy tracking of node-locked, dongle-based or other applications that do not use a common license manager.
  • Helps in achieving fast and effective transformation for adopting new technology.
  • Promotes effective behavior and incorporates best practices leads for smarter utilization of IT resources.
  • Fosters increased user productivity, improved ROI, and reduced license spending without cutting projects or jobs.

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