The HR Manager’s responsibility has grown from an administrative function to being a strategic partner in achieving success in the organization. It is often the role of the HR Manager to empower the organization by enhancing corporate capabilities through growth in the quality and depth of skills of employees. By implementing training and development programs, the HR Manager can help ensure that the company has the capability to meet the skills needed to compete in a world of continuous change and achieve its performance and growth objectives.

Dealing with rapid innovations in technology solutions, organizations are constantly deploying new tools. To increase user productivity, the HR Manager, together with the CIO, can help ensure that employees adapt to new technologies.

Open iT provides solutions for HR Managers to collect data on how individuals or groups use applications to analyze user habits and work patterns. Open iT helps map the proficiency of employees and helps the HR Manager uncover ways to provide targeted support and user training. With Open iT, HR Manager can establish strategies to keep high performance among employees. Open iT also helps the HR Manager to establish best practices to reduce risks of injuries caused by inefficient computer use patterns.


  • Facilitates communication and collaboration between IT and other business units through the use of Open iT reports
  • Increases business performance by monitoring technology uptake and analyzing skill and workflow patterns through software usage patterns to enable targeted support and training
  • Supports business process improvements by documenting best practices
  • Discovers inefficient computer usage patterns to reduce repetitive strain injuries
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