The role of the IT manager can be very taxing as it affects the overall direction of the entire organization. The IT manager maintains the organization’s effectiveness and efficiency by monitoring and directing the application and utilization of technology. Aside from keeping the organization running, the IT Manager plays a role in increasing the growth of an organization by identifying technical problems, anticipating requirements, evaluating IT trends, providing recommendations for solutions, and implementing IT policies and procedures.

In order for the IT manager to effectively deliver solutions and implement strategic plans, he or she needs to have the capacity to evaluate and examine the organization’s IT systems. Open iT provides solutions which include monitoring and reporting of system usage statistics. These features enable IT managers to understand how system resources are being used. With the ability of Open iT to monitor a variety of system resources combined with its flexible reporting capabilities, IT managers can easily evaluate system resources, and plan improvements on system performance and IT service levels.

Open iT provides a centralized view of all license servers, enabling IT managers to examine detailed and accurate usage statistics across any combination of local or global license servers, in any location, time zone or even remote offices. Offline usage (“borrowing” or ”commuting”) is also supported. It shows license utilization over the entire enterprise, not just a division.

Some of most commonly used license manager are supported by Open iT, namely:

  • Abaqus
  • Animator
  • Altair License Manager
  • Beta LM (ANSA)
  • Bentley® SELECT
  • Clearcase
  • Dassault’s Systemes License Server (DSLS)
  • Elan
  • Enterprise Architect LM
  • FLEXlm/FlexNet
  • GHSlm (Green Hills)
  • HQMS
  • LM-X
  • LS-Dyna
  • MathLM
  • Aladdin Hardlock
  • Parasoft License Server
  • Peloton
  • Reprise
  • SafeNet Sentinel
  • SlickEdit
  • SmartPlant
  • STI License Manager
  • Vector

*Note: Support for other license managers can be added upon request.


  • Enables performance improvements by identifying bottlenecks, undesirable usage patterns and systems in need of tuning.
  • Enables performance maximization for system resources by uncovering trends in system resource usage.
  • Helps reduce liability and improve IT service levels.
  • Improve capacity and performance planning and investment.
  • Reduces IT spending by delaying system investments until the need is documented.
  • Supports business process improvements by documenting best practices and facilitating communication between IT and other business units.
  • Allows integration with SAP/LDAP/Active Directory for more accurate reporting of system usage across the enterprise.
  • Combines data from Windows, UNIX and Linux platforms.
  • Allows metering across all vendors, products and features for multiple locations and time zones.

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