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The role of the asset manager includes developing and overseeing the implementation of an asset management system, as well as the establishment of policies and procedures for maintenance, control and monitoring of all assets, in accordance with laws and regulations. The asset manager is responsible for assisting acquisitions, maintaining asset registers, and evaluating the effectiveness of the utilization of assets.

But with the increasing use of enterprise software, these tasks are now becoming more challenging. Managing software assets is a significant challenge to asset managers. Managing software cannot be handled the same way as physical assets. Software licensing is complex and software vendor terms and conditions are continuously changing. Without proper management of software assets, the organization is at risk of non-compliance on the one hand; on the other hand, this lack of proper software asset management can also put the organization at risk of paying for software licenses that are not actually being used.

To efficiently perform their role, asset managers may need a tool that will ease the difficulties of managing software assets. Open iT provides accurate metering of software usage across the enterprise, helping asset managers determine true utilization of software asset.

Open iT helps asset managers answer such questions as:

  • What are my software assets?
  • Who is using them?
  • How are they being used?
  • How can I optimize the use of all software licenses?

With the monitoring and reporting capabilities of Open iT, asset managers can evaluate the utilization efficiency by comparing the number of software licenses purchased from the software vendor, the number of software licenses deployed among the different departments or projects within the entire organization and the number of software licenses that are actually required to run the business. Open iT also enables asset managers to prepare plans for the life cycle of assets, analyze pricing options and licensing types or agreements, and make recommendations on the asset solutions that are best for the organization.


  • Meters software usage of all Linux/Unix/Windows applications across the enterprise, including applications without license managers.
  • Determines true software usage by distinguishing between truly active and inactive application usage to optimize software asset procurement.
  • Reduces costs by identifying over-licensing and unnecessary maintenance & support subscriptions.
  • Improves software assets planning by monitoring denials and documenting shortages.
  • Helps avoid the risk of non-compliance by documenting compliance.

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