Engineering Software
Administration and Licensing


Continue investing with Open iT training to gain more knowledge and keep the power on your side during software vendor negotiations. With this training – Engineering Software Administration and Licensing* – utilize the depth of features in our software suite and implement best practices around your licensing tasks to take on real-world challenges. There will be several case studies that will be shared based on recent contract renewals and software licensing infrastructure. Share yours and discuss with professionals that are in your field.

Our subject matter experts will cover topics ranging from licensing overview, licensing infrastructure, and vendor specific licensing to help you increase productivity, manage accountability, reduce risk, and maximize savings. In addition, interactive roundtable discussions with our developers and management provide opportunities for valuable insights and influence toward future products.

Upon completion of this training, you will have learned licensing best practices and be able to apply it to your engineering software licenses. Space is limited. Register early to take advantage of the early bird rates!

Experience and knowledge of Open iT software administration and reporting learned in Training would be helpful, but it is not required to take this course.
*Special or customized topics, apart from those mentioned above, may be included upon request. Special training sessions on topics that you prefer may also be arranged.


Licensing Overview

Master the myriad of licensing agreements to generate cost savings at your next licensing negotiations.

1. Licensing Overview

  • Types of Licensing Agreements
  • Vendor Negotiations, License Renewals, and Contracts
  • Naming conventions, Software Catalog and Pricebook mapping, Data Normalizations
2. Reporting/License Management Overview

License Implementation and Infrastructure Best Practices

Learn infrastructure best practices to reduce risk, increase security, and optimize software license provision.

1. Infrastructure Best Practices

  • Multiple License Servers / Parallel / Failovers / Triad / Time Zones / Firewall / Borrowed
2. Multiple domains / Cloud / On Premise
3. Daily Operational Management and Troubleshooting
  • License path, log file path, option file path, log rotation
4. License Server Best Security Policies
5. What's trending
  • Elastic Licensing, Consumption Based Tokens, Cloud Licensing

Vendor Specific License Managers

Gain in-depth knowledge in current licensing offerings of major software vendors.

  • Schlumberger Licensing
  • Ansys Licensing
  • AutoDesk Licensing
  • Landmark Licensing
  • Sentinel Standard Practices
  • Bentley
  • Peloton Licensing
  • Dassault Licensing
  • MathWorks
  • Code Meter/Wibu-key/Vector, and any other dongle Licensing
  • Specific Vendors available on request

Round-Table Discussions

Get real-world insight into the daily obstacles and solutions of other Licensing Administrators and IT personnel just like you. Share your own wisdom and experience.