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Open iT ApplicationTracker is a software asset management solution that monitors activity levels of all applications on Windows, Unix and Linux platforms.

It enables tracking of software usage independent of licensing method and generates advanced reports showing detailed usage of CPU and elapsed time, keyboard, mouse and I/O usage, portraying each application, where and when it is running, and who is running it.


Monitors all types of applications regardless of licensing method
Compares license check-out versus the real application usage
Creates detailed graphical or tabular reports
Contract Entitlement with True Productivity

Actual used application licenses out of the total number of checked out licenses

Active vs Inactive Time by User

Active and inactive use of an application by the users

Active vs Inactive Use of Selected Applications

Breakdown of active and inactive time in which certain applications are used

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Solutions using ApplicationTracker

Enterprise-wide Monitoring

Obtain an accurate overview
of IT assets

View the usage of all applications. Real-time reports on a single portal that generate accurate historical usage of applications associate with a license manager. These data can be imported to your preferred BI tool.
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Optimize License Usage

Track and recover unused software licenses

Discover opportunities for optimization by identifying the true active usage of your software applications and automatically harvesting idle licenses.
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Technology Adoption

Enhance business productivity

View usage by version to identify; training needs, super users, potential security risks of old versions and uptake of new versions.
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