Honeywell ULM

What is Honeywell ULM? #

Honeywell Unified License Manager (ULM) is the license server used for Honeywell’s flagship software: UniSim Design Suite. UniSim is a process modeling solution that enables engineers to simulate process designs, generate safety studies, monitor asset performance, and optimize production workflows. Honeywell offers three different licensing models for its software applications: standalone, network-based, and token-based.

Honeywell tokens are beneficial for companies that need more flexibility in their use of applications. The use of tokens allows them to try out new products before committing to long-term purchase. It also provides them the ability to quickly augment the number of available licenses when the need arises, such as during short-term projects or temporary increase in the number of users, and subsequently reduce the licenses when the demand declines. However, properly managing the usage of token-based licenses does come with a few challenges.

Honeywell User Monitoring and Management #

The Honeywell ULM includes utilities for license management. These tools allow administrators to import license files, add devices, create license bundles, export licenses to an xml file, etc. They can also show basic license information of the different licenses that are being managed through the ULM, which may include all three types of licenses that Honeywell offers.

How Open iT Supports Honeywell ULM #

Open iT LicenseAnalyzer 2022 collects debug log files that contain the necessary license usage information from Honeywell ULM. The collected data are parsed and aggregated with usage data from a variety of other sources for a complete and more accurate software usage reporting.

The license usage of Honeywell software may be viewed in real time through Open iT License Monitor. Historical reports can also be generated, including:

  • Total License Usage
  • Group Level License Usage
  • User Level License Usage
  • Host Level License Usage
  • Host Group Level License Usage

These reports can help you determine whether your Honeywell licenses are being used efficiently or if there are opportunities for optimization. This can be especially beneficial for token-based license usage, which can be susceptible to misuse and abuse if not properly and effectively controlled. The license usage visibility that Open iT provides can help you address and mitigate minor concerns before they become major issues.