A Quick Look at Sentinel HASP and How to Meter It

Sentinel HASP is a data protection and digital security solution for organizations designed to help them manage license enforcement processes.

Formerly called Alladin HASP SRM, it allows enterprises to handle software activation and licensing across the organization thanks to its entitlement management system.

It also allows its users to acquire insights into product usage and create reports on the performance of the software, which are important to ensuring license compliance.

Key Features of Sentinel HASP

Sentinel HASP is the first and only software licensing and security solution in the industry that enforces software security through either software or hardware-based protection keys. In addition, it also includes the following key features.

1. Cloud SecurityUsers can rely on Sentinel HASP to provide superior security for their entire cloud ecosystems. Whether they are using cloud services or storing their data across various clouds environments, users are assured protection for their sensitive data in the cloud.

2. Access ManagementSentinel HASP delivers trusted and secured access for users, regardless of the number of apps or volume of stored data.

3. Data ProtectionThe software offers encryption strategies that can protect companies from data breaches. This is especially useful when users use or access their data from various devices.

4. Software MonetizationSentinel HASP can help companies generate new revenue streams when they shift to a software-based business.

    Users of the software can also enable or disable certain features of an application depending on their usage and budget.

    This means that users are only charged for the number of features and sessions that they used the software.

    How to Effectively Meter Sentinel HASP

    The most effective way to meter Sentinel HASP is by collecting usage data from different sources, including polling; log files; OS kernel; and CPU, I/O, mouse and keyboard activities.

    This allows the software usage metering tool to have more data points to compare and aggregate for a more accurate usage reporting.

    Not only could this provide an enterprise overview of the software usage of the entire organization, but it can also show who are using these assets, when they are used, and for how long.

    It can also group users based on projects or business units and take into consideration various geographic locations in different time zones.

    By metering your application’s activity levels, your organization can acquire essential information on your license usage and generate in-depth reports.

    These include distinct number of users, time and day of use, concurrent number of users, the duration of the use of license, and the number of available licenses.

    The data collected can be used for creating in-depth reports.

    Open iT® LicenseAnalyzer can help you achieve all these and more! It has reporting capabilities on hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly bases to enable your company to generate in-depth reports.

    Ensure the availability of licenses for all users in your company and enhance team productivity while optimizing software licensing costs.

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