Optimizer for SAP® Licensing

Optimizer for SAP® Licensing is a powerful and complete solution to effectively control an organization’s SAP license usage and efficiently manage SAP licensing costs.

Optimizer for SAP Licensing simplifies the complexities of SAP licensing and provides an enterprise-wide overview of all SAP license usage, including human and machine users with varying license types and authorization roles. Track indirect access, monitor software engines, and maintain ongoing controls and policy enforcement to ensure compliance in preparation for audits.
Optimizer for SAP Licensing tracks the actual behavior of each SAP user across the enterprise to ensure that the company is neither under- nor over-licensed.
Identifying Opportunities for Optimization
Get quick ROI by assessing the current situation in an organization’s SAP environment and identifying immediate opportunities for license optimization and cost reduction. Detect idle or unused engines. Determine the appropriate measurement for various engine types.
Accurate and Detailed Usage Reports
See list of users with low activity and inactive user accounts that can be closed. Identify misclassified test accounts, duplicate user accounts, and suspected accounts used for indirect access. View activated software engines and their current values.
Ensuring Compliance thru Automatic Usage Analysis
Get instant notification when an engine reaches 90% usage to ensure compliance to contract. Generate detailed audit reports for each user with current and optimized license classification. Identify and automatically classify new users. Track licensing inventory and periodically inspect unused, rarely used, low-usage, and duplicate licenses.
Optimizer for SAP Licensing allows administrators to have complete control over their SAP license usage with reports that are recognized by SAP. This solution is especially useful prior to purchasing new SAP licenses and before affording annual maintenance and services.
Optimizer for SAP Licensing is a highly customizable, robust, and complete solution for metering and optimization of SAP license usage. Gain control over your SAP licenses and be audit-ready. Appropriate the most efficient license type for each user. Avoid unnecessary costs on SAP licensing and maintenance.