Optimizer for SAP® Licensing

Achieve a clear view of purchased licenses and current licensing

Optimizer for SAP® Licensing is a powerful and complete solution to effectively control an organization’s SAP license usage and efficiently manage SAP licensing costs. The application easily interfaces with SAP System.


Gain control over SAP licenses and be audit-ready

Find the most efficient license type by tracking inactive, low active and duplicate users
Manage SAP engines and track indirect access
Proactively manage SAP Engines

Drive smarter decisions about SAP Engines by tracking them more closely.

Track indirect access

Track third-party access to SAP to empower smarter decisions.

Simulate different license type layouts

Optimize the number for Professional Users, Employee Users and Limited Users.

Generate SAP audit proof documents
Save time by generating recognized and accepted audit documentation for SAP changes.
Find inactive, obsolete and duplicate usernames and employees
Optimize licensing layout by removing inactive and duplicate users.
Employ the optimal licensing method

Simulate various scenarios to have a tailored solution for future needs.

Enable chargeback

Setup chargeback scenarios in an accurate and fair manner across all departments.

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Optimizer for SAP Solutions interfaces with SAP systems.
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