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Navigate this interactive Power BI model to see how Open iT drills your organization’s license usage from an enterprise view down to the user level. Use the filters to optimize your experience.

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Take full control of software assets on all levels
Enterprise-wide Monitoring

Enterprise-wide Monitoring

Generate accurate historical usage of applications associated with a license manager. Import these data to your preferred BI tool for more convenience.

IT Chargeback

IT Chargeback

Implement a fair chargeback system based upon actual usage data which can be broken down to departments, business units, projects, user groups or individuals.

ROI Analysis

ROI Analysis

A focused investigation of the usage-based cost driving software for an organization is needed in order to demonstrate that software resources are deployed in a way which maximize both effectiveness and efficiency.

Technology Adoption

Technology Adoption

View usage by version to identify: training needs, super users, potential security risks in old versions and uptake of new versions.

Vendor Negotiation

Vendor Negotiation

Take advantage of collected data to be better equipped for contract renewals.

Optimize License Usage

Optimize License Usage

Discover opportunities for optimization by identifying the true active usage of your software applications and automatically harvesting idle licenses.

Key Industries

Energy Companies


Banking and Finance



Electronics and IT Hardware



Aerospace and Defense

Industrial Manufacturing

Bio and Pharmaceutical



Cost Allocation and IT Chargeback

The most efficient way to create more accountability and awareness of how IT resources are used is to implement a chargeback system. And the key to efficient consumption and fair distribution of resources is to base chargeback on IT resource usage metering for IT products or services.

The Path to Elastic Licensing

Learn how the Elastic Licensing solution can enable software vendors to easily provide flexible licensing based on actual measured usage into their portfolio of products.


Harness the Power of your Usage Data

Open iT’s Business Solutions Consultant, Linda Cole, shared her expertise and discussed points you might never have heard about collecting, analyzing, and acting on usage data.  Does your organization have

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Customer Stories

Mitta Oy

CUSTOMER SUCCESS STORIES Mitta Oy Mitta Oy uses Open iT to gain IT visibility, reduces Autodesk licenses by 50% “We have eliminated most of the problems. The users usually have

Burns & McDonnell

Burns & McDonnell

“LicenseAnalyzer2020 helps us assess the cost of an application against our actual need for it. Thanks to comprehensive Open iT reports, management saved as much as 25% of the overall software spend on unutilized licenses alone.”



“Analyzer for MathWorks® Licensing is extremely powerful, and very flexible. It is great to have Open IT services there, ready for any questions we have.”

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