Solutions Overview


Competing in today’s global economy entails peak performance and efficiency at all levels of operation

More focus is given to squeezing the most value out of each asset (Asset Efficiency), and on supporting the users of these assets to work in the most productive way (User Efficiency). Enabling cost optimization is essential to successfully manage IT resources. Cost optimization goes beyond typical cost savings to getting the most out of every dollar spent in an organization. To achieve optimization, knowledge gathered using Open iT software usage monitoring tools provides the insights necessary to understand how the assets are being used.

Zoom in on usage data using the Open iT monitoring and optimization solution. Profile various IT assets (how they are in use, by whom, where and over time), and users or user-groups (which assets they are using, when and over time). The information can be grouped and presented in various ways to support each business decision.

Cost Optimization is crucial for improving a company’s competitive edge and profitability.

Open iT software asset management tools can support cost optimization initiatives at four levels in your organization:

  1. IT Procurement

    Assist sizing and best terms.

  2. Cost Savings within IT

    Identify opportunities to reduce costs within the current IT budget.

  3. Joint Business and IT Cost Savings

    An overview of how assets are in use and who uses them enables managerial decisions to improve user efficiency and increase business value from IT.

  4. Enable Innovation and Business Restructuring

    With clear insights into how employees are working today, decisions about what is needed tomorrow are easier to make. Cost savings can be reinvested in new and critical technology for innovation and restructuring, which may not have had the means to be invested in otherwise.

Measurable Business Benefits of Using Open iT Monitoring and Optimization Tools

Open iT customers have taken the initiatives listed below in order to achieve cost optimization in the four levels of their organization as indicated. This is by no means a conclusive list, but is meant to show the breadth of areas that Open iT solution can support. Open iT tools have built-in access control for reporting so that only relevant data is made available for each stakeholder. The tools can mask data, both at the collection and at the reporting stage to comply with privacy legislation.

IT Procurement

Vendor Negotiations Based on Actual Usage Profiles, negotiate optimal licensing agreements.
Align Support Renewals Do not renew software maintenance for software that are not used or underutilized.
Align Software Lease Renewals Do not renew software lease for those that are underutilized or not in use.
Avoid Noncompliance Eliminate the risk of being noncompliant.
Better Software Budgeting Reduce uncertainty by forecasting trends in usage.

Joint Business and IT Cost Savings

Targeted User Training Track and compare usage of applications between user-groups to enable effective user training.
Improve Technology Uptake Shorten transition periods for phasing in new versions of software and applications.
Discover Undesirable User Patterns Eliminate behavioral factors that constrain application availability.
Identify Power Users and Product Champions Improve support by enabling peer-to-peer user networks.

Enable Innovation and Business Restructuring

Best Practices Document best practices.
Workflow Analysis Improve workflow analysis
Add New Technology, as budget is freed up Improve usage efficiency and innovation.

If you have questions related to any of these initiatives or would like to discuss success stories in particular areas, please contact our sales department.