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Open iT provides advanced metering and reporting solutions to help companies and institutions make smarter decisions on managing engineering software licenses.

> $30 Billion

WW spent on unused software every year

> 90%

Customers see ROI within 3-9 months

> 350k

End Users Benefit from Open iT Solutions

Open iT can help organizations achieve global IT efficiency through effective out-of-the-box solutions that address software license management challenges to stay on top of critical junctures in the new normal.

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What our customers say about us

Maersk Oil

See how Maersk Oil (now Total) software costs were reduced by nearly 40%.

Nissan Motor Corp.

See how Nissan, in just 5 months, reduced more than 10% of their software license costs.

Avio Aero

Partnered with Open iT to Analyze and then Optimize IT infrastructures.

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A Quick Look at Sentinel HASP and How to Meter It

Sentinel HASP is a data protection and digital security solution for organizations designed to help them manage license enforcement processes. Formerly called Alladin HASP SRM, it allows enterprises to handle software activation and licensing across the organization thanks to its entitlement management system. It also allows its users to acquire insights into product usage and

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Software Licensing and Asset Management: Trends and Insights

In the technological space, the software licensing and asset management industry is a constantly changing landscape. Nowadays, providers can no longer solely dictate the terms of how they sell and price their products. Customers are more discerning and judge the software by its ability to contribute value. Another recent change was brought about by the

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