Open iT for Software Asset Management and IT Chargeback

Open iT is a leading software asset management solution perfectly suited for engineering software portfolios. It can also effectively meter and report on how individuals or groups use applications, servers, storage, databases and services across a global enterprise. Open iT solutions allow for better control in managing license resources by discovering and suspending applications that are not actively used, and releasing the unused licenses to redeploy to active users. Open iT enables fully customizable usage reporting, granular chargeback for software and hardware usage, and industry-leading automated license management capabilities across Windows, Unix and Linux platforms.

What Clients Say

  • Open iT provides justification for our user community. Our company treats us as a vendor, so we must prove ourselves. Open iT justifies why we need particular modules to support our business needs.

    B.B Japanese Automotive Manufacturer

  • Open iT Software has helped us manage costs as we expand the business, supporting and supplying the needs of our highest producers. We could not have done this without a tool like Open iT LicenseAnalyzer. It meters usage 24/7, always hard at work for us, analyzing and providing data for optimizing our software resources, even as we reduce or expand our activity levels. This is not a once a year job!

    Dan Shearer, Manager Technology Enhancement, Burlington Resources

  • Overall Open iT software made my life easier so I’d say yes it was dependable and reliable.

    Renee Porter, Cobalt International Energy

  • We’re looking forward to having some good reports to provide information to management for decision making.

    D.B American Exploration & Production Company

  • It fulfills the task we envisaged it to do; gives us insight into what is out there being used and by whom. In theory, it is vendor-independent. That's the edge that Open iT has over the rest.

    D.B American Exploration & Production Company

  • Open iT is an indispensable tool for monitoring and managing our data resources.

    Ole Preben Berget, Head of Reservoir Engineering Department & Chairman of the Computer Advisory Board, Equinor

  • Open iT software is a good tool, it helped save us a lot and we’re able to use our resources optimally. Overall I'm happy with Open iT support team and software.

    Ejaz Ahmed Qamar, Exploration, Drilling and Production Company in the Middle East

  • Open iT LicenseAnalyzer has allowed us to monitor license usage and remove dormant licenses. This makes our license usage more efficient and reduces the need to purchase additional licenses.

    Dan Skantze, Senior Engineer Information Management, Hydro

  • Newfield Exploration chose Open iT for the license monitoring software because it is the best in its class. When Newfield looked for information regarding its license usage, Open iT's technology, support and personnel were heads and shoulders above the rest of their industry peers.

    Jim Day, GeoscienceSystems Manager, Newfield Exploration

  • The ability to view our utilization rates and share this information with our administrators has brought our users a greater awareness of waste. Initially, our administrators were given the task of reducing and eliminating unnecessary licenses, but recently users have been trying to take on this responsibility themselves.

    Mr. Dai Matsubara, Chief of Global Information Systems HQ Engineering Systems Department, Nissan

  • We’ve been with Open iT for a long time and we’re happy.

    S.C. American Petroleum & Natural Gas Company

  • We acquired the LicenseAnalyzer. Product is satisfactory. It fits with the required outcome. I am personally very satisfied; it sure is a perfect match. It served its purpose and I can say that Open iT is a reliable solution provider that I will recommend to others.

    Yuly Supriyadi, Saka Energi