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Open iT Software Suite offers solutions for metering, analyzing and optimizing the usage of technical and engineering software tools to generic applications, servers, storage, databases and services across an entire organization.
It is built on a client/server infrastructure and includes advanced reporting tool mechanism.

LicenseAnalyzer 2022

Primary tool for software usage metering, analysis, and optimization for all business and technical applications



Forecasting and anomaly detection tool that analyzes current and historical usage data to predict future trends in license usage.


Advanced system that provides administrators a centralized portal for the administration and management of license files and license servers.


Aligning IT with business strategy boils down to how business unit managers make decisions about financing.

Point Solutions

Similar to LicenseAnalyzer2020 but dedicated to analyzing license usage from a specific vendor

Technical and Engineering Applications

Analyzer for Ansys® Software

Helps Ansys users manage their resources investment and ensures maximum utilization and ROI of these valuable assets.

Analyzer for Autodesk® Licensing

Helps cut software license costs and reduce wastage on license usage by monitoring activity levels of Autodesk applications.

Analyzer for MathWorks® Licensing

Helps in maximizing the usage of MathWorks software licenses, resulting in value optimization and improved user productivity.

Analyzer for any of the
supported applications

Click here to see list of supported applications.

Business Applications

Optimizer for SAP® Licensing

Powerful and complete solution to effectively control an organization’s SAP license usage and efficiently manage SAP licensing costs.


Dedicated to Analyzing Storage and Grid Computing environments


Provides full visibility of storage resources (files, file systems, disks and backups, etc.), thus enabling optimal data storage management.


Monitoring a wide variety of system resources with extension for metering distributed grid computing environments.

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See how Maersk Oil (now Total) software costs were reduced by nearly 40%.
See how Chiyoda Corporation automated the process of obtaining an accurate licensing position for AutoCAD.
See how Equinor helped to limit our software investment to the most necessary and profitable software.



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