Technology Adoption

Enhance business productivity

Technology is moving at such a fast pace. With today’s evolving market demands, organizations are taking proactive measures to find the best tools and adapt the newest software applications.
Track Release Adoption
Report per group and/or department.
Increase Productivity
Work in consistent environments.
Train End-users
Become proficient with new features.
Validate Usage
Monitor uptake of new features or modules.
Compare Performance
Test productivity before company-wide adoption.

Why Invest in Open iT

Completeness of Solution
Depth of Metering
Breadth of Analysis
Customer Service Excellence
Trusted by Customers and Vendors

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Point Solution for Business Applications

Point Solutions for Technical and Engineering Applications

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What our customers say about us

See how Maersk Oil (now Total) software costs were reduced by nearly 40%.
See how Chiyoda Corporation automated the process of obtaining an accurate licensing position for AutoCAD.
See how Equinor helped to limit our software investment to the most necessary and profitable software.

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