LicenseAnalyzer2020 Plug-in


Manage license servers and license expiration status in real-time

Centralized License Integration and Management System (CLIMS) is an advanced system that provides administrators a centralized portal for the administration and management of license files, options files and license servers.
CLIMS allows administrators to manage and control all license servers across the enterprise with just a single interface and can be used alongside LicenseAnalyzer2020 to effectively manage and optimize the use of expensive engineering applications.


Manage licenses, option files and daemons from a central location
Maximize license availability through real-time administration
Minimize downtime through efficient administration and monitoring
Auto-discovery of available license daemons
Visualize all the features and packages associated with each license file, including feature version, number of available licenses, and license expiration information.
Remote commands to license servers
Through the CLIMS portal, administrators can issue remote orders, such as Start, Stop, and Restart, to the license servers with ease and in a single view.
Detailed version tracking and rollback 
Help administrators record the changes to the files and recall specific versions later.
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