Analyzer for Autodesk® Licensing

Open iT Analyzer for Autodesk Licensing helps cut software license costs and reduce wastage on license usage by monitoring activity levels of Autodesk applications.

It allows Autodesk users from these organizations to manage these costly resources by providing an enterprise view of Autodesk licenses, showing when and by whom these licenses are used over time, by location, business unit or project group, for both networked and standalone licenses.

Analyzer for Autodesk Licensing provides a fully customizable and advanced web-based interface for license usage monitoring. Generated reports can range from a worldwide enterprise view down to a single user, real-time or historical, and may be viewed on a web browser, printed, or exported to popular spreadsheets.


License Monitor Portal with Alarms and Alerts

See an enterprise-wide overview of Autodesk license usage in real-time right on your preferred web browser. Set up customizable alarms and alerts at your convenience.

Software Inventory

Find out what type of licenses (network, standalone, free trial) are being used.

Chargeback Accounting for Autodesk License Usage

Generate IT audit reports to easily assign the cost of Autodesk license usage to user groups, projects, business units or even global sites.

Accurate and Reliable Autodesk License Usage Reports.

Easily create customizable reports on software usage of all Autodesk applications. Produce detailed tabular reports with information such as product, application, feature, user name or host name; or choose to present a software usage report visually with easy-to-understand graphs and charts.

Easy export to Excel.

Generated reports can range from a worldwide total enterprise view down to a single user, real-time
or historical, viewed on a web browser, printed as is, and/or exported to popular spreadsheets.


Autodesk Utilization Trend

This report shows which and how many licenses are utilized at a given period of time.

Top Ten Most Used Autodesk Features

This report shows the duration of the top Autodesk features.