Open iT predictive Analytics

Beyond Monitoring

How Predictive Analytics Boosts Your Engineering Software Management System It is common knowledge that engineering and other technical software can

Faster Analysis with OLAP

Business intelligence based on analysis of aggregated data is one of the most important topics in the business world today.

Cheers to a Great Year

Open iT, Inc., PH office – The celebration of 2013 year-end party held at the Queen Margarette Downtown last December


Teamwork is Fun

Open iT, Inc., PH office. It was the time to put down our headsets, take a break from our keyboards

The CIOs Dilemma

CIO roles have been changing lately, to include major tasks such as cost-cutting, reworking existing business processes, and reshaping the

Why Outsource IT?

As new technologies continue to drive modern businesses, the need for outsourcing is growing exponentially. Lowering costs has been an

IT Optimization Trends

During the long-lasting recession, many companies have been forced to downsize. Organizations struggle with cost optimization measures, and some reduce

Breaking the CFO/CIO Barrier

Senior business executives’ goals include completing projects on schedule, while driving down overall costs. To be able to accomplish both

Lean and Green IT

The threat of nuclear war that shrouded my generation has been overshadowed by the reality of global warming. The enemy