Open iT LicensePredictor

LicenseAnalyzer2020 Plug-in


Go beyond monitoring and harness usage data for forecasting

LicensePredictor is a plug-in for LicenseAnalyzer2020. This plug-in helps organizations in decision making, proper planning and allocation of IT resources by applying dynamic changepoint and anomaly detection, using state-of-the-art machine learning techniques to project software license usage for the upcoming budgeting cycle.
LicensePredictor also detects and alerts users of possible data anomalies, which is key in maintaining system integrity. Combine 20 years of Open iT experience in usage data with the future of artificial intelligence.


Forecast advanced license usage
Detect anomalies early

Plan for anticipated changes in license consumption

Analyze trends and usage patterns

Forecasts according to expected level of usage.

Advanced forecasting capabilities
Detailed forecast to predict when to adjust licensing.
Early anomaly detection
Overall status containing the number of anomalies detected, number of forecasts created, and the latest date wherein an anomaly was detected.
Email alerts

Keep administrators up-to-date with detected anomalies for the products and features.

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