LicensePredictor is a forecasting tool designed to help organizations in decision making, proper planning and allocation of IT resources by providing essential inputs regarding their projected software license usage over the next 18 months. It also detects and alerts users of possible data anomalies, which is key in maintaining system integrity.

LicensePredictor uses an advanced system that employs a variety of statistical techniques from data mining, predictive modeling, and machine learning. These techniques analyze current and historical facts to make forecasts and predictions about the future. The forecasts produced by this system are useful to identify risks and opportunities that would help the organization make decisions. It allows the organization to anticipate outcomes based on the data and not on assumptions, and proactively turn usage data into actionable information.

Key Differentiators

  • Analyze Trends and Usage Patterns
    Enables more informed planning by forecasting future usage patterns based on historical data.
  • Advanced Forecasting Capabilities
    Provides a detailed report containing the value of the measurement taken, the prediction for the measurement, and the range of forecasted values that classifies usage as an anomaly or not.
  • Early Anomaly Detection
    Quickly identifies possible anomalies by comparing actual usage with forecasted usage patterns, and sends email alerts when an anomaly is detected so that it could be investigated and avert potential user and systems issues.
LicensePredictor offers a number of capabilities to assist administrators in viewing predictions of future usage patterns:

Quick View

Quick view of the prediction status containing the number of features with the total number of forecast, anomalies, and the date when the last anomaly was detected
Detailed Forecast
Detailed forecast of a chosen feature

Email Alerts

Email alerts that keeps administrators up-to-date with detected anomalies for the products and features
LicensePredictor can turn your already effective software asset management system into something even better. Anomaly detection allows you to be on top of possible issues on your system’s integrity. And usage forecasts provide you with the necessary knowledge to make better plans and decisions regarding your software assets. With LicensePredictor, your software asset management system will go beyond monitoring.