ROI Analysis

Build a strong justification for license investments

Today’s demand for agile but reliable decisions requires updated and solid information in order for managers to make rapid but informed and defensible decisions. This is especially true of software investments, where it can be difficult to demonstrate that investment is based on a mature and methodical analysis process.
Difficulties are magnified when decision processes must be tailored to meet the needs of various divisions or departments, sometimes spanning continents. A focused investigation of the usage-based cost driving software for an organization is needed in order to demonstrate that software resources are deployed in a way which maximize both effectiveness and efficiency.

Independent Support

With license and application experts.
End-users often do not focus on licensing but on having access to the tools that they need to do their jobs. Having Open iT as an independent licensing expert who understands the tools and the licensing as a partner is the easiest way to justify the ROI.

Calculate ROI

Based on usage and value to business.
Combining license usage data across multiple departments is a fundamental step to having the optimal license portfolio. In addition, Open iT’s experienced solution consultants enable having the right license for the right person at the right time.

License Simulation

Using cost catalogues and usage data.
When deciding on the right license distribution, it makes sense to run a few simulations and different scenarios to analyze the impact of changing license configuration leveraging the best practices from Open iT's solution consultants. Open iT provides the right analysis to help you decide on the right license allocation.

Plan for the Future

Anticipated changes in license consumption.
Before making purchasing decisions, utilize LicensePredictor’s artificial intelligence to create a future plan supported with the confidence of your Open iT data. Account for seasonal patterns, peaks, changing trends, and transition events, as your organization evolves or workplace resources shift from project to project.

Reduce Overlapping Capabilities

Provided by different vendors.
Expert consultation can further improve the ROI by reducing the number of maintained software applications within a company.

Why Invest in Open iT

Completeness of Solution

Depth of Metering

Breadth of Analysis

Customer Service Excellence

Trusted by Customers and Vendors

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Customer Stories

Mitta Oy

CUSTOMER SUCCESS STORIES Mitta Oy Mitta Oy uses Open iT to gain IT visibility, reduces Autodesk licenses by 50% “We have eliminated most of the problems. The users usually have

Burns & McDonnell

Burns & McDonnell

“LicenseAnalyzer2020 helps us assess the cost of an application against our actual need for it. Thanks to comprehensive Open iT reports, management saved as much as 25% of the overall software spend on unutilized licenses alone.”



“Analyzer for MathWorks® Licensing is extremely powerful, and very flexible. It is great to have Open IT services there, ready for any questions we have.”

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