Open iT StorageAnalyzer™ is an IT asset management tool that monitors files, file systems, disks and backups to enable accurate IT asset planning and efficient use of storage resources.

StorageAnalyzer allows IT administrators to accurately manage data storage. It provides full visibility of storage resources and provides an accurate basis for optimizing current resources and for planning storage investments.
StorageAnalyzer’s flexible reports on storage utilization trends provide useful information that helps IT administrators optimize storage assets.
Disk Space per User

This report shows the logical size consumed by the users’ files categorized by file age.

File Space Total

This report represents of the file storage showing the free and used space of the storage.

Used Disk Space vs File Age
This report shows the physical size and type of files stored in every host.
Reduce storage costs by gaining a better understanding of storage resources and uncovering opportunities for storage optimization. StorageAnalyzer’s reliable metering of storage resources helps in avoiding unnecessary purchasing of additional storage. Reclaim storage space by discovering files that can be deleted or moved to a cheaper storage to maximize storage efficiency.