Open iT StorageAnalyzer



Discover storage usage trends, cut IT costs, budget more accurately, and prevent system failures associated with mismanagements of storage resources

StorageAnalyzer is an IT asset management tool that monitors files, file systems, disks and backups to enable accurate IT asset planning and efficient use of storage resources.


Provides a centralized overview of storage resources
Improves performance through storage optimization
Allows for accurate and flexible IT budgeting and chargeback
Used disk space vs file age
Reduce disk space based on file age.
Report of files not modified
Analyze which files have not been modified to optimize your storage.
Disk space per user
Produce a detailed usage report per user.
Total file space
Identify bottlenecks by visualizing capacity in one report.
Chargeback based on user, department, project, hosts, filetype or metadata
Create an accurate and fair chargeback mechanism.

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