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For over 20 years, Open iT has been the leader in providing Fortune 500 companies with the most sophisticated software usage metering, analysis, and optimization solutions for the wide variety of engineering and other technical applications used in Energy Companies, Manufacturing, Engineering, Aeronautics, Defense, Automotive, Electronics, Government, and Education.

Our Business Solutions Consultants provide in-depth knowledge in the value optimization of engineering software assets, including robust data analytics strategies, optimal cost management, and effective engineering software management programs perfectly suited to the organization.

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    • How to effectively manage concurrent use of software licenses
    • How to quickly identify cost savings through software metering
    • How to simplify the complexities of different licensing models from a single vendor
    • How usage metering can help attain a better negotiating position
    • How new license models affect future costs

Our subject matter experts could also cover topics about the solutions we provide such as Enterprise-wide Monitoring, IT Chargeback, License Usage Optimization, Technology Adoption, Vendor Negotiation, and ROI Analysis.

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Massimo Dal Vecchio

Before joining Open iT, Massimo had over 20 years of experience in the IT industry and was a key resource for global IT infrastructure projects. He is also a founder and owner of vvdly in Italy, a consulting and management services firm focused on ICT infrastructure and data center design. As a thought leader in IT chargeback, Massimo plays an important role in helping companies optimize the usage of software resources.
Covering the CEST (UTC +1) timezone

Linda Cole

She has been in the IT industry for over 30 years in many capacities and technical experience, including virtualization, cloud adoption, and IT infrastructure management. Her knowledge and expertise have helped clients save millions of dollars on software licensing. These strategies include how to utilize process, workflow, and technology to solve business problems cost-effectively.
Covering the CDT (UTC -6) timezone

Scott McDonald

As co-founder of two successful Silicon Valley companies, Scott has extensive experience with productivity tools for engineering organizations. He has applied his IT industry knowledge to help people successfully build and grow businesses for over 30 years. Today, he continues to help companies save costs through software metering and optimization.
Covering the PDT (UTC -8) timezone

Ace Lopez

Ace is an experienced solutions engineer specializing in IT resource analysis, management, and optimization to better align an organization’s licensing positions. His dedicated involvement with companies under various verticals, particularly the Oil & Gas and Engineering industries, serves as his foundation for developing practical management solutions, especially for SAP®.
Covering the SGT (UTC +8) timezone

Sagi Reuven

As a Solutions Architect, Sagi Reuven has one mission: to deliver results that add value to his clients. Highly experienced in customer relationship management, Sagi has worked with high-profile clients from multiple verticals, helping them reach their goals by maximizing their software investments.
Covering the ICT (UTC +7) timezone

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