IT Chargeback

Simplify audit and enable IT chargeback

Aligning IT with business strategy enables business unit managers to make decisions about financing resource distribution, cost revitalization and overall IT expenditure. For instance, some companies have explicit spending restrictions while others don’t.
How companies distribute IT resources varies widely. And while many companies employ some form of cost allocation, others don’t bother at all. However, if the goal is to promote the efficient use of IT resources, then implementing IT chargeback can be of great help in promoting responsible usage of IT resources among employees.
Collect Raw Data
From every user in your organization.
Advanced Invoicing
With cost catalogs.
Collected data per location, project or department.
Create Invoices
Automatically based on usage in a fair and accurate way.
Send Invoices
To relevant stakeholders, reducing overhead with internal discussions.

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See how Projektengagemang carried out a fair and effective chargeback process based on true usage.
See how Chiyoda Corporation automated the process of obtaining an accurate licensing position for AutoCAD.
See how Equinor helped to limit our software investment to the most necessary and profitable software.

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