Optimize License Usage

Improve software ROI by automating license optimization

There are over 30 Billion USD spent on unused software per year. Optimizing licenses can be difficult if companies do not automate license optimization.
Open iT tracks idle (or inactive) license usage, and can automatically release such idle licenses to reduce cost and maximize the value on concurrent licenses.
With Open iT, discover applications that are not being actively used, based on their unique CPU, I/O, mouse or keyboard activity levels. Policies and priorities can also be set up, and automatically release licenses back to the license server to avoid unproductive use of software licenses.
Harvest licenses automatically
Suspend, resume and/or terminate sessions.
Prioritize resources
Schedule projects, teams usage based on internal needs.
Change end-user behavior
Release unused software licenses.
Work with vendors
Leverage trusted data for successful negotiations.
Discover unused software
Highlight software and related module usage per department.
Automate license optimization
Streamline processes, people, licenses and contracts.

Why Invest in Open iT

Completeness of Solution
Depth of Metering
Breadth of Analysis
Customer Service Excellence
Trusted by Customers and Vendors

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What our customers say about us

Maersk Oil

See how Maersk Oil (now Total) software costs were reduced by nearly 40%.

Chiyoda Philippines Corporation

See how Chiyoda Corporation automated the process of obtaining an accurate licensing position for AutoCAD.


See how Equinor helped to limit our software investment to the most necessary and profitable software.

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