Analyzer for MathWorks® Licensing

Understand MATLAB and its toolboxes usage across your organization

Analyzer for MathWorks® Licensing is a powerful solution designed to deliver accurate, efficient and reliable usage reporting and monitoring for all of the MathWorks products.
Analyzer for MathWorks Licensing is designed for medium to large enterprises with matrix management that need advanced analysis of data.


Collect true usage of the products to avoid time consuming surveys
Usage per product reports
Enable IT chargeback or cost allocation

Choose your Optimization Level

Analyzer for MathWorks® Licensing is offered in three levels of functionality

Level 1

Runtime Usage
This includes real-time monitoring and historical reporting on a wide range of on-premise and Cloud applications, proactive alerts, and customizable dashboards.

Level 2

True Active Usage
This level includes all the features of Level 1, and it also meters the activity levels of all applications (standalone or server-based, Cloud or on-premise) to determine whether the applications are truly being actively used.

Level 3

Managed Usage
This level expands the capabilities of Levels 1 and 2 to provide better control in managing license resources by uncovering and suspending or terminating applications that are not in active use.
Centralized real-time license monitor

Leverage existing dashboards for stakeholders.

Measure true usage of MATLAB
Couple usage to projects and departments.
MathWorks toolbox usage over time
View historic usage data to validate which toolboxes are used.
Version usage across departments and projects
Track versions that are being used across the company.
Supports individual and concurrent licenses
Open iT client measures usage with standalone licenses.
Measure MATLAB Online
Track MATLAB usage in the cloud.
Automated license harvesting
Increase license efficiency.
User pop-up before suspend
Remind end users to close applications if not being used.

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Additional Plug-ins


Forecasting and anomaly detection tool that analyzes current and historical usage data to predict future trends in license usage.


Advanced system that provides administrators a centralized portal for the administration and management of license files and license servers.


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