Open iT for Universities

Ensure software license availability and accessibility for students, instructors, administrators, and researchers. Enrich learning, research, and training in your institutions.

Harness the Full Potential of Your Software Licenses to Enhance
Learning, Research, Administration, and Innovation

Unlock the Power of Efficient Software License Management

Open iT empowers universities and higher education institutions to manage, monitor, and optimize their software assets effectively. With Open iT, you ensure optimum license utilization, thereby enhancing the return on investment and supporting a wide range of academic and research activities.

Comprehensive Software License Management

Centralized Oversight

Leverage a unified platform for managing all software licenses across different departments and faculties. Gain a clear overview of software utilization, helping in decision-making and budget allocation.

Dynamic Allocation & Accessibility

Ensure software licenses are readily available when and where they're needed. This dynamic allocation is especially crucial in research-intensive environments where access to specialized software can be a bottleneck.

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