Enhancing LicenseOptimizer Processes for Version 7.0


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LicenseOptimizer is a flexible and powerful license harvesting tool for software optimization. Its primary function is to monitor activity levels of installed applications and redeploy unused licenses to active users working on high-priority projects.

As the product gets higher demands in the market, challenges on improving some of its processes are popping up. Open iT Development Team is constantly working on delivering an improved product and resolving known issues from previous versions.

Reliable Optimization Even with Increasing Number of Users 

On previous versions:

The development team encountered issues that were unresolved by the implementation of network messaging.

On Version 7:

An open source network messaging library, ZeroMQ or zero message queue, is used to create new network messaging applications to supersede the existing one.

All the messaging components being used by LicenseOptimizer™ are going to be replaced with new applications using ZeroMQ library. With this new technology, the need for a central application that handles all messages from clients, which may result to unsent messages to proper recipients, will be minimized. A distributed messaging system, where only a few clients receive a message from the central application, will be implemented. If the message is not for the client who receives it, the client forwards it to other clients and so on. This way, the network load of the central application is lessened.

Acquiring License Data 

On previous versions:

Each LicenseOptimizer module obtains license usage information by polling from the license server. The higher the number of clients with LicenseOptimizer, the higher the network load of the license server. This results to slowing down of the license server; worst case is that it may cause the server to hang.

On Version 7:

LicenseOptimizer version 7.0 introduces a centralized license collection. The polling within individual LicenseOptimizer version 7.0 modules will be replaced by a central application that will poll the license server in a configurable interval. The polled data will then be distributed to all LicenseOptimizer modules in the network.

With these exciting updates, LicenseOptimizer is poised to be better and more powerful than ever.

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