Customer Case: Usage Metering Drives Effective Software Management

Usage Metering Drives Effective Software Management – As technology gets more complicated and software vendors broaden their product offerings, how do you keep track of the usage of applications in your organization?

MathWorks, in particular, currently has more than 100 toolboxes, making it difficult to determine which are truly needed by an organization. Through this webinar, VersionBay Co-Founder, Gareth Thomas aims to share his insights on:

  • The need for collecting usage data on MathWorks products;
  • The fundamental steps in optimizing licenses that could help drive internal discussions; and
  • The value of software usage metering to an organization.

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About the Presenter:

Gareth Thomas is one of the co-founders of VersionBay, which aims to empower companies to make the most of their software portfolio. He is mainly responsible for Business Development, Sales, and Marketing. In his past role, he helped develop the EMEA MathWorks channels by partnering with several companies to expand and develop their reach into the academic market.

He started his career in 2005 after receiving his master’s degree in Electrical Engineering, with specialization in Control Theory, from Instituto Superior Técnico (now known as Técnico Lisboa). It was during his time at the university that he was first exposed to MATLAB.

Gareth is very passionate about technology and is fueled by enthusiastic new ideas and thoughts. The decision to start VersionBay comes from his continuous will to embrace change, to adapt, and to live life with no regrets.