SAMS Europe 2023 not only met but exceeded its projected goals, uniting a remarkable array of industry visionaries, influential decision-makers, and seasoned software asset management experts from across Europe. Open iT is proud to be part of such a pivotal gathering. 

The conference delved deep into advanced solutions, fostering a collaborative environment for knowledge exchange, and sharing of best practices. Central to the discussions were the ever-evolving demands of modern organizations and the nuanced intricacies of emerging software licensing models. 

Held from September 24 – 26, 2023, at the Postillion Hotel in Amsterdam, SAMS Europe 2023 provided Open iT an opportunity to underscore the importance of software license management. We showcased its capabilities in offering organizations enhanced visibility into software assets, opportunities for IT cost reductions, and advancing their SAM processes to a higher standard of maturity. 

SAMS Europe 2023 Highlights

Open iT’s Jose Goldstein (left) immerses in a dialogue on FinOps with Julian Kuijper of SoftwareOne, all while enjoying Dutch poffertjes.

What to Expect at SAMS Europe 2023

SAMS Europe 2023 assembles leading figures from various European sectors alongside the pioneers of software asset management. The summit explores cutting-edge solutions, facilitates the exchange of experience and expertise, and tackles the challenges of shifting organizational dynamics and intricate licensing models. 

Set for September 24 – 26, 2023 at the Postillion Hotel in Amsterdam, SAMS Europe 2023 strives to empower organizations with greater visibility into their software assets, reduce IT expenditure, and elevate SAM maturity. 

Open iT is thrilled to join this initiative. As a premier provider of software license management solutions to industry leaders and Fortune 500 companies, we align with SAMS Europe’s mission: to equip European enterprises with the tools to navigate software licensing intricacies, achieve substantial cost efficiencies, and prime them for a digitized tomorrow.

SAMS Europe

A unique event in the business & technology world because of our relationship with our partners. Our aim is to support our partners to reach their targets and inspire innovation. This vision is shared by a select group of partners at our highest quality events with the most elite audience. Position your business as a thought leader at SAMS EU. Join our partners today!

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The IT Procurement & Sourcing Summit

The IT Procurement & Sourcing Summit brings together more than 100 IT sourcing, procurement, finance and vendor management decision makers from leading North-European companies to discuss effective IT Procurement strategies, exchange experiences on most successful negotiations and vendor relationship tactics and learn how to re-organize processes to enable agility of their organization and achieve better business outcomes.

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September 24 – 26, 2023