Forrester Names Open iT Among Notable Vendors in Software Asset Management   

Forrester Names Open iT Among Notable Vendors in Software Asset Management  

Forrester has named Open iT among notable vendors in Software Asset Management (SAM), according to its recent report, The Software Asset Management Solutions Landscape, Q3 2023. We believe this recognition stands as a significant milestone for Open iT and underscores the growing importance of SAM solutions in today’s organizational landscape.  

The increasing adoption of SAM solutions highlights a fundamental shift in how organizations approach their software assets. As businesses recognize the need for enhanced visibility into their software ecosystem, Open iT has emerged as a key player, providing solutions that empower organizations to optimize their software usage, improve efficiency, and make informed decisions on procurement, renewals, investments, and disposal.   

Open iT specializes in Software License Management (SLM), focusing on tailored solutions for engineering and specialized applications within sectors such as construction, engineering, manufacturing, and energy. To us, its recognition in Forrester’s list of notable Software Asset Management (SAM) vendors stresses the company’s steadfast commitment to providing advanced SLM solutions and services.  

Open iT’s SLM solutions provide organizations with the insights needed to navigate the complex landscape of software licensing and subscriptions. This proactive approach not only helps in avoiding unnecessary expenses but also ensures compliance with licensing agreements, mitigating the risk of legal issues.   

We believe that as organizations grapple with the challenges of managing diverse software portfolios, Forrester’s recognition of Open iT reaffirms its leadership in the SAM space. The report serves as a valuable guide for businesses considering investments in SAM solutions. 


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