Licensing Challenges with SOLIDWORKS Software’s Latest Integration

Licensing Challenges with SOLIDWORKS Software’s Latest Integration

Cadence Design Systems and Dassault Systèmes have recently unveiled the world’s first cloud-based collaboration experience platform. While this advanced functionality promises to enhance teamwork between engineers and designers, it also brings additional complexities to managing licenses for Cadence and Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS software.

New Integration, More Licensing Complications

SOLIDWORKS’ new cloud-based collaboration experience platform essentially combines AI-powered Cadence OrCAD X and Allegro X with Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE Works Portfolio. With this, electrical and mechanical engineers can use their SOLIDWORKS software to accelerate the entire mechatronics system development process while improving designs for performance, reliability, manufacturability, supply resilience, compliance, and cost.

Such sophisticated functionality may require access to additional software components or services that come with their own subscription or licensing fees. If the integration necessitates subscriptions to higher-tier plans or additional modules from the software providers, licensing challenges will arise, including:

  • Multiple licensing models to navigate.
  • The need for software version compatibility.
  • Potential cost increases for accessing higher-tier plans or additional modules.
  • The necessity of maintaining global licensing compliance to prevent inadvertent legal issues across different regions.

The requirement to manage licenses from multiple vendors, each with their distinct terms, conditions, and usage limits, also places a significant administrative burden on organizations.

SOLIDWORKS Cadence Integration Announcement
A screenshot during SOLIDWORKS-Cadence integration announcement. Source: YouTube

Optimize Software Investments with Open iT

Open iT assists organizations in efficiently managing their licenses for Cadence and Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS software by offering:

  • Comprehensive tracking and reporting of Cadence and Dassault Systèmes license usage across various servers, locations, and projects.
  • Identification and reallocation of idle or underused licenses to maximize utility.
  • Implementation of chargeback or showback models for cost reduction, accurately billing users or projects based on actual software usage.
  • Quick identification and resolution of license-related issues, such as access denials, bottlenecks, or conflicts, ensuring smooth operations.
  • Analysis of usage to avoid redundant costs by identifying overlapping functionalities across licenses from different vendors.’
  • Advanced forecasting to accurately predict future licensing needs, based on historical and current usage trends, to avoid over-licensing or shortages.

Organizations must closely monitor usage to ensure that they are not paying for unnecessary features, while also being agile enough to upgrade or downgrade based on changing project requirements.

Transform Integration into a Valuable Feature

SOLIDWORKS software users may have a new cloud-based collaboration solution that can enhance operational efficiency. However, without diligent monitoring and optimization of resource usage, organizations could face unnecessary expenses and productivity bottlenecks that can result in added costs.

Open iT empowers organizations by enhancing transparency into their licensing activities and offering insights into usage statistics for more informed decision-making. By providing robust license tracking and analysis for Cadence and Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS, Open iT aids firms in overcoming licensing obstacles and optimizing resource allocation for greater efficiency.

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