Open iT Develops Heatmap for Monitoring License Usage

Open iT has developed heatmap for monitoring the usage of licenses. The purpose of adding this in the Open iT software is to have an overview on what specific day and hour of the week is the busiest for license use.

The development of this heatmap complies with the innovating technologies of the valued customers from well-known aviation and engineering companies who uses license management tools to reduce IT costs, increase performance and support business process improvements.

Enhancements help in showcasing an effective software license management that enables you to unlock revenue and reduce cost while providing the highest quality of service and customer experience. Having this heatmap added in the software, Open iT can provide a more transparent monitoring of IT assets.

Open iT software and strategic consulting enables customers to gain control over their IT resource use, cut costs and waste, and improve the reliability and performance of their IT assets.

Schedule a free demo today, see how license monitoring works and view live creation of software usage reports. If you want to know more about the other License Managers supported by Open iT or other questions you may have, don’t hesitate to contact us, our customer service representative will attend to your inquiries right away.

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