Open iT Launches New Features, Enhancements in v10.1 

Open iT version 10.1 rolls out with new functionalities, improvements, and essential bug fixes. This update includes comprehensive support for global navigation, advanced reporting capabilities, enhanced log file retrieval, and seamless conversion of historical and real-time usage data. Additionally, this latest version includes exciting new capabilities currently in the beta stage. 

SSAD: Shared Software Assets Directory (Beta) 

SSAD automates our software normalization catalog distribution, a key differentiator for Open iT. It translates raw data from license managers, cloud, and workstations into software titles listed in the price book, combining license contract and usage data for deeper insights into software optimization. 

In our integration with ServiceNow, Open iT supplies normalized usage data using SSAD, while ServiceNow provides contract details. The combined data can be visualized in a single view for comprehensive analysis. 

SSAD specializes in a more complex many-to-many normalization, a task too intricate for simple labeling methods used outside of Open iT.  Additionally, we support one-to-one, many-to-one, and many-to-many mappings, ensuring thorough data integration and analysis. 

Cloud Usage Reporting Support (Beta) 

Open iT now supports cloud usage reporting for AVEVA and Esri platforms and is expanding to include other cloud applications like Bentley, CSI, Bluebeam, and Autodesk. These enhancements deliver comprehensive and accurate cloud usage reports, enabling organizations to streamline chargeback processes, optimize resource allocation, enhance utilization, and make informed decisions among others.

Support for Global Navigation 

Open iT’s latest version consolidates access through a single, unified web address, allowing users to seamlessly transition between different applications within the Open iT ecosystem without the need to manage multiple web addresses or logins.

GLOBAL NAVIGATION: Open iT’s tools and applications (top right, boxed in red) are now accessible within a unified dashboard. 

Expanded Report Anonymization 

Open iT now offers enhanced report anonymization, supporting a broader range of historical data types, including Host User License Use, OLAP Raw Hourly, OLAP User Concurrency and more. This new functionality ensures greater privacy and compliance while maintaining the utility of your reports. 

Faster Data Processing 

Efficiency in data processing is a key focus in Open iT. The latest version introduces shorter archiver jobs, effectively preventing bottlenecks in data processing. This improvement ensures that data is archived and processed more quickly, allowing users to access up-to-date information without delays.

Automated Configuration Tracking Using Git 

Open iT  introduces automated configuration tracking using Git. This feature periodically tracks configuration revisions, creating backups of modified or new files and generating a text file detailing the changes. Users can easily track changes and restore previous configurations, ensuring transparency and preventing data loss.

Include/Exclude Vendors in License Collection Configuration 

This new feature allows users to include or exclude vendors in license collection configurations. The system automatically detects vendors by scanning process arguments via Open iT Autodetect. Users can tailor license collection to their specific needs, adapting their license management strategies based on their vendor relationships.

Enhanced Support for PetEx and BetaLM in CLIMS

Open iT improves support for PetEx and BetaLM in the Centralized License Information Management System (CLIMS). Users can access detailed information on license usage, logs, features, and configurations, with the ability to drill down into more specific data. This provides insights into license usage patterns, optimizing resource allocation and enhancing license management.

Advanced Cloud Reporting in The Future 

Open iT fully commits to advancing its cloud license usage reporting capabilities. Beyond Aveva and Esri, we are developing new tools for Bentley and other platforms.  

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Your participation will help us create better products tailored to your needs. Contact us at for more information. 

View the complete release notes for Open iT versions 10 and 10.1 to know more. 

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