Open iT launches TPP for faster, more efficient product development

Posted on November 7, 2018 04:30PM

Open iT has recently opened its doors for new partners through its Technology Partner Program (TPP).

Through TPP, Open iT will provide its technology partners (TP) with early availability (EA) versions of new products for testing in the TP’s environment. EA versions refer to the version of the software that Open iT has yet to officially release. As such, TP will have the opportunity to suggest additional features or changes in functionality, and will have direct influence on the development of the new product.

In addition, maintenance and support (M&S) will be free of charge for as long as the TPP agreement for a product is in place. If the TP chooses to avail of the product after the TPP agreement lapses, then they will be charged with an annual M&S fee limited to 10% of the product’s eventual retail price.

In exchange for these privileges, TP will have to provide a realistic large-scale testing environment, as well as report all found bugs and anomalies without delay for immediate resolution. TP will also contribute in the marketing efforts of the product through joint speaking opportunities at conferences, at Open iT’s expense, and customer case stories.

For more information regarding the Open iT Technology Partner Program, please contact your Account Manager or email us at

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